R & D

R & D:
Our research and development team has been developing new products and methods to improve the productivity and quality of diamond dies during last decade. Meanwhile, we have achieved following improvements.

Shaped die polishing technology:
Weilly is especially skilled in making shaped dies, including square, rectangular, hexagonal dies etc., which all have excellent surface polishing. Normally the polishing effect in shaped dies is inferior to the general round dies; nevertheless, Weilly’s polishing technology can achieve the polishing effect of shaped die as good as round dies.

Diamond reinforcement technology:
Natural diamond has its crystal orientation; hence to grind the two parallel sides along with {111} plane could optimize the die life. Furthermore Weilly has developed optimum mixed metal and alloy powder as matrix of diamond, which can provide sufficient pre-stress toward diamond and perform an excellent reinforcement. Such dies with firmly fixed diamond could increase die life by 20% over normal dies.